What’s in it For You? 9 Careers For MBA Organizational Leadership

What’s in it For You? 9 Careers For MBA Organizational Leadership

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Career after MBA in organizational leadership

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”

Dolly Parton

Have you already earned your bachelor’s degree and joined the workforce, only to find yourself stuck at your current job, lacking additional skills to keep moving up the ladder? 

The solution to advancing your career is pursuing an online MBA in organizational leadership. This versatile study program can open doors in various fields from business over education to military, as its curriculum revolves around skills that apply to nearly any industry.

Some of the subjects it covers include organizational strategy, accounting, human resources, sales, and marketing.

As for the MBA organizational leadership jobs, the employment is projected to expand steadily over the next several years, with the rate of 4%.

To give you a better idea regarding job outlook for this specialization, we identified nine careers you can pursue upon completing organizational leadership courses. Keep reading to find out if earning an online MBA in organizational leadership is worth it.

What Can You do With an MBA in Organizational Leadership?

You can secure numerous lucrative positions in the industry by earning an online MBA in organizational leadership.

To ease your doubts about which career path you should take, we prepared an elaborate guide through nine career choices for MBA organizational leadership graduates:

  1. Compensation and benefits manager
  2. Human resources manager
  3. Management analyst
  4. Military
  5. Organizational Development Manager
  6. Performance Manager
  7. Sales manager
  8. School principal
  9. Training and development manager

Compensation and benefits manager

Professionals in this role are responsible for attracting and retaining the best talent by providing fair compensation packages to the employees. Regular duties of compensation and benefit managers consist of developing programs and plans for pay and benefits that correspond with the company’s goals and market trends. 

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment rate for this position is projected to grow 3% by 2029, and one can earn $122,270 per year on average.

Human resources manager

This is the most common career path for organizational leadership graduates as organizational leadership is all about improving the internal workings of a business. 

Human resources managers strive to make the best use of the company’s talent while maintaining high employee satisfaction.

When it comes to the job outlook, projected employment growth by 2029 is 6%, which is faster than average, and the median annual salary for this position is $116,720.

Management analyst

If you are looking to step into more of a consulting role, the management analyst position may spark an interest. The main task of management analysts is to advise companies on how to improve their processes and increase efficiency. 

An online MBA in organizational leadership program will prepare you for examining an organization’s internal structures and complications so you can come up with the best solution and assist in its implementation.

The employment growth rate for this occupation is higher than average: 11% by 2029 in total. This can be explained by the fact that the demand for consulting services is expected to increase as organizations seek ways to improve their efficiency and control costs due to facing an increasingly competitive market. 

When it comes to MBA in leadership salary for this position, you can earn $85,260 per year on average.


In case you’re currently serving in the military, or are seeking a career in it, earning an online MBA in organizational leadership may benefit you as leadership skills taught in an organizational leadership program are quite similar to those learned in the military. 

Individuals with this specialization can often serve in the military as servicemen or women, generals, or other ranking officers.

Organizational Development Manager

These professionals are in charge of improving the internal functions within the company. They examine current and potential policies alongside top executives and upper management. When it comes to the job outlook, available positions span from full-time employment within enterprises, to working as a consultant on a contract for extended periods of time.

Professionals in these roles typically hold many years of work experience and an advanced degree in organizational leadership. According to PayScale, the average pay for this position is $87,663 per year.

Performance Manager

The job of a performance manager is to ensure high levels of productivity by analyzing workforce needs and expectations. They join forces with human resources managers and operations managers to provide coaching and to develop employees’ skills. Their usual tasks boil down to analyzing employee relationships, developing employee wellness programs, and making necessary procedural changes to improve business outcomes.

A condition for taking on this role is having strong interpersonal and communication skills. By working as a performance manager one can earn $66,415 on average per year according to PayScale.

Sales manager

To work as a sales manager, you need to understand the psychology of sales and what motivates people to buy so you can successfully sell goods and services to other businesses or consumers.

This is where organizational leadership comes into play: Apart from understanding the fundamentals of business, you need to manage and oversee the sales representatives on their teams.

As the economy grows, organizations will rely more and more on effective sales teams to generate new sales and increase their competitiveness. Projected employment growth for this occupation is 4% by 2029, and the median annual salary is $126,640.

School principal

Earning an online MBA in organizational leadership can prepare you for leadership in education, including the role of a principal.

Studying organizational leadership equips students with knowledge that’s vital for being a principal such as understanding topics like budgeting, staff development, operations, and facilities management.

When it comes to the job outlook, projected employment growth by 2029 is 4%, and the average salary is $96,400 per year.

Training and development manager

This role is similar to that of a human manager, except it covers one area in-depth rather than a broad spectrum of internal relations. 

Training and development managers are responsible for improving efficiency by equipping employees with the knowledge and information they need to excel within a company. 

The job outlook is promising as the employment rate is projected to grow 7% by 2029 which is faster than average. The employment rate isn’t the only promising thing here: The median annual salary for this position is $113,350.

Final Word

If one or more of these careers has caught your eye, consider learning more about the online MBA in Organizational Leadership from Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University.


The value of earning an MBA in organizational leadership online is invaluable to your professional and personal development. Enjoy the flexibility of distance learning and take classes at your convenience in an asynchronous format, or in real-time with synchronous web conferences and discussion boards.

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