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Online MBA courses are specially made to equip students with the latest skills and business connections that are vital for their careers. By enrolling in online MBA training, you don’t have to put your current job on hold.

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Online leadership training for entrepreneurs will provide you with the necessary skills and important connections you need to start a new venture or move up on the corporate ladder.


Human Resource Management

Human resources MBA programs will help you grow the success of your company or organization. Acquiring an online MBA in HR will make you a worth asset on the market thus increasing your job opportunities as well as possibility of obtaining a competitive salary.

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Management Strategy

In the modern business world the skills of strategy are becoming increasingly important – and are in high demand. The 100% online MBA in Management Strategy prepares you with a cross-disciplinary approach to solve business problems and will make you an asset to companies both global and stateside. Position yourself for an accelerated path to new heights, either in your current organization or in a new setting altogether.


Project Management

Any successful venture consists of many projects, be it a major corporation, a start-up, government or private organisation,. The successful management of these projects are crucial to the well-being of the company.

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Finance and Accounting

An online MBA in Finance and Accounting provides you with many professional advantages. In the first place it represents the key to obtaining bigger salary and better job offers, as well as gaining reputation among your colleagues. 


Organizational Leadership

Online learners follow a course schedule formulated by world class faculty, leading to a number of job opportunities for successful graduates.

The asynchronous (or self-paced) structure and convenient study-from-home format of most online programs is also ideal for students with part-time jobs, childcare duties and other commitments that may interfere with campus-based coursework.

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The MBA in marketing prepares you for more than a career in marketing. If you already have a job, especially one that requires travel, attending regular on-campus classes may not be convenient. 



Obtaining an PGD in Management online is the perfect choice for aspiring professionals who wish to stand out in the industry. Whether you seek to increase your annual salary, or your value on the job market, online project management training will suit your needs.

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